From Rwanda to Zanzibar!!!

From Rwanda to Zanzibar!!!

Dec 11

Hey guys!   We have just arrived on Zanzibar in Tanzania, but wanted to report a bit more on our journey in Rwanda as internet was scarce in our last few weeks.   Since my last blog we were in Musanze, Rwanda working at a primary school called, Mwiko.   It has no running water and limited electricity.

We stayed with our friends Francis, a teacher at Mwiko and her husband, Danny.  Mwiko is a school for kids in Grades 1-6 in the mountains about an hour outside of Musanze.   It sits up on a hill between two lakes and the drive there through the village is beautiful.  The kids were really great to work with.  We did an acting class and everyone had a great time.  We did lots of improv and games from my dad’s acting class back home.  We filmed alot of it and my dad put together a little movie with video of the kids talking, playing music and also a clip of Francis talking about the needs of the school.  We showed the students the film the last day we were there and they really loved it.  We really miss Mwiko.  It really is an incredibly special place.  The kids were so energetic and fun and everyone’s smiles just lit up the whole place.

After Musanze, we spent a few days in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital city.  We went to the Genocide Memorial Museum which was really intense.  Nearly a million people were murdered during the genocide in Rwanda.  Really sad.  We also were invited to the U.S. Embassy in Rwanda and got to meet his Excellency, U.S. Ambassador Koran.   He was such a great guy.  He told us some interesting stories of his work and travels.


While we were in Kigali we also did a 2 day acting workshop for kids with HIV.  It’s an organization called WeACTx.  The kids were very cool.  We danced, sang, and even played frisbee.  This is a picture of me trying to get the frisbee off the roof.  :)

We really miss Rwanda… it is a beautiful country.  But now we are on Zanzibar which is beautiful as well.  It’s an island off the mainland of Tanzania in east Africa.  The beaches are beautiful and the weather is warm.   We are working at a little art school in the village of Mangapwani.   It’s awesome.  More on our visit here to follow!   Jackson