Our Last International Stop – Haiti

Our Last International Stop – Haiti

Jul 11

Hey guys!

So, we left Panama for Port-Au-Prince, Haiti! Arriving in Haiti was really intense from the minute we stepped out of the airport.  It was super hot and there were ten guys immediately trying to grab our bags and help us for a tip.  Luckily our friend, Pastor Olrich was there to meet us.

On the drive home to his house, we really saw the damage of the earthquake:  people living in huge tent cities, buildings too dangerous to live in, and the Royal Palace in ruins.  While we stayed with Pastor Olrich we visited several schools.  We hung out with the kids and my dad taught an acting workshop.

After a couple of days, we headed to Jacmel on the opposite coast to work at The Jean Baptiste Dessaix Music School.  While we were there, we filmed a parade that the school band led, and worked with other volunteers from Boston.

I also had the opportunity of playing alto saxophone at the school.  It was really an honor to work with Gessait Pierre… a great teacher and also to hang out with such great musicians at the school.

On our day off, we went to Basin Bleu, a beautiful pool of water, 75 feet deep, that’s bright baby blue with a huge waterfall that you can jump off of. My dad also taught an acting class at a local theater called The Spare Change Theater Company.    We really enjoyed working with all the actors.  It was a lot of fun.





We had a great time in Jacmel, but after two weeks it was time to go to the Foyer Maurice Sixto School back in Port-Au-Prince.  The school was started by Father Miguel, a catholic priest.  It was created for kids in domestic servitude.  The school offers these kids classes in music, acting, dance and soccer. My dad did an acting workshop for both the students, and also a class for the teachers.  We were able to see performances, a band concert, a soccer game and were even able to visit a few different schools that they work with.

We will definitely be going back to Foyer Maurice Sixto.  We left for the airport after another painful good-bye and boarded the plane to Florida.



We spent a few days in Ft. Lauderdale to recover.  Now we are in Mississippi staying with family.  All of our family flew in to have a reunion.  It’s been really cool.


We begin working with two organizations here in Mississippi this week. More to come…