Taking A Slow Train To China….

Taking A Slow Train To China….

Jul 26

Hey guys, it’s Jackson in Moscow, Russia! We having a great time here. We’ve been walking everywhere checking out this incredible city. People walk here, by the way.

We’ve been to St. Basil’s Cathedral, and The Kremlin on Red Square and even saw the KGB Headquarters building.  We filmed some stuff on Red Square and in GUM, which is a huge mall off Red Square.  Then went to Arbat Street, which is this amazing street with shops and street musicians and artists.  Very cool.

Hung out with my dad’s friend, Elena Korenova, who is a famous actress in Moscow.  She’s really great and has taken us to dinner twice. The other night we went to this amazing restaurant that is a place where actors and writers go.  Very old and beautiful… full of history…

We just got all of our stuff out of the place we were staying.  We leave later today on the Trans-Siberian Railway which is the longest railway in the world.  We will be on the train for six days across Russia, through Mongolia and then into Beijing.  Hoping it will be fun… will keep you posted.

We will be working in Beijing with The Foundation of Hope, an orphanage for kids with physical challenges.  Can’t wait.  Now, on to China!

I’ll post another blog when I get to Beijing.  Video to follow as well…

Peace, from The Love Revolution,    Jackson (ie. the global teen blogger)

St. Petersburg, Russia is awesome!

St. Petersburg, Russia is awesome!

Jul 20

Our New Friends At Transit

Hey, it’s Jackson.  We’re really enjoying Russia.  St. Petersburg is really beautiful.  Lots of history and cool monuments.  Today was our last day at Transit.  Transit is an orphanage for kids who are found on the street and given a home.  Most of the kids are not from St. Petersburg.  They come from other areas and come to the city to run away or get work.  It was sad to say good-bye to all of our new friends. We had a great time hanging out with them.  We played ping pong, did gymnastics, did some boxing (I got pounded, lol), watched movies (dubbed in Russian), and basically just hung out and had fun.

We got a chance to check out some cool things here.  St. Issac’s Cathedral,  Peterhof (Peter the Great’s Summer Home – Huge Palace with amazing grounds with massive fountains),  and The Hermitage (One of the biggest and most famous museums in the world… saw original Van Gogh’s, Rembrandt’s, Gauguin’s, and Picasso’s to name a few).

We leave tonight at 1am on a train heading for Moscow. We are going to spend a couple of days there and then head for Beijing, China. We are still trying to decide if we are going to fly or take the Trans-Siberian Railway.  We want to have the experience of taking the train, but we have heard it’s really hard… hot and longs days…

I will keep you posted once we get to Moscow.  We are having a great time and learning so much…. about history, different cultures, lifestyles and just about kids from other parts of the world.  Meeting some great people.

Peace… The Global Teen Blogger, Jackson