Here At The New Hope Foundation

Here At The New Hope Foundation

Aug 09

So we survived the Trans-Siberian Railway, that was so awesome!  7 days on a train across Russia, Mongolia, The Gobi Desert (actually saw camels) and into Beijing.  Beijing is really busy…  lots going on.

We are now at an orphanage about an hour outside of downtown Beijing.  It’s called The New Hope Foundation and it’s amazing. We have been here for a week and have finally worked out the internet, so I will be blogging more.

We are volunteering, helping with the pre-school classes, playing with the kids and doing anything we can do it help. The kids here are so cool.  They all have come from other orphanages or have been abandoned and they all need operations or medical attention.  New Hope Foundation helps arrange operations for these kids for club feet, cleft palates, and other serious issues.

Dr. Joyce and her husband Robin are great.  They started this place.  Very cool. They have 6 children, most of them grown.  Katie who is 12 is their youngest daughter who they adopted.  She has been helping us alot… showing us around and being a great translator… she speaks both Chinese and English.

We also got to go to see The Great Wall of China with Dr. Steve and his family.  It was amazing.  I shot some video footage there that I will be posting.  The Great Wall was incredible.   Dr. Steve is one of the doctors here and he let us sit in and watch as he took off a cast and reset another one for the kids with clubbed feet.  They are able to fix the clubbed feet with a series of casts and an operation and then braces.  Very cool.

The Kids and Me at New Hope

Mostly we hang out with the kids and just have fun.  You fall in love with these little guys so quickly.  My dad and I were saying it will be super hard to leave when it’s time to go.  If any of you are interested in helping this place, go to their website and either donate or you can send a care package.  Contact me and I can help.

We can all make a difference.  I know that since I’ve been here, I definitely want to do more.  You can come here with your family to volunteer, like us, if you are interested.  All the information is on the website.

These kids are so awesome and so lucky to have the great people at New Hope.    I’ll keep you updated on what’s going on…