In Rwanda!

In Rwanda!

Nov 18

Hey Guys! We’re at The Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village outside of Kigali, Rwanda.

This is our second week here and we are having a great time!  It’s so beautiful here.  


It’s called, “The Thousand Hills of Rwanda” and now I know why. When we flew into Kigali, it was already dark so we didn’t get to see anything but when we woke up and went outside.  It was amazing.

Agahozo-Shalom is located in the middle of these beautiful green hills and there’s a huge lake near by.  Everything is so clean here.  And the air is so clean and fresh.   This school was built for kids that were orphaned from the genocide.  Nearly a million people were murder in the Rwandan genocide and many children were left without families.

We have written a play with the students.  There is actually no school for the performing arts in Rwanda, so the subject of our play is about the 1st High School of Performing Arts.  It’s sort of FAME meets Glee.   The school has three departments: theater, dancing, and music and they are getting ready for a huge international competition.   Everyone was a bit shy at first, but now they are all really excited about it.  We have put in all the traditional dance and music of Rwanda.  Watching them dance and sing is amazing.  It’s so cool to experience their culture through their music, dance and spoken word.  The kids here also really like modern music, so we’ve been mixing hip-hop which sounds really cool.

We had a great time in the rehearsal process and we performed the show last night. It was really amazing.  It blew all of our minds. They were fantastic and they all had the best time. What a great experience to watch the show start as just ideas and end up being a full show.  Wow!

The school is down the road from a little village called Rubona.  We walk down there and it’s really cool.  Kids who live in the area always follow us and laugh and smile at Buck.  We also visited the weekly market the other day where they sell clothes, vegetables, fruit, and food.  We ate Samosa there and they were delicious.   Here they mostly stick to a diet of potatoes, bananas, rice and beans.  They cook the bananas so they almost taste like potatoes.  We also have fresh grown pineapples here from the farm… so good!

Our time is coming to an end, because we are working at another school in Northern Rwanda for 10 days that has no running water or electricity. Should be a cool adventure.  I’ll keep you posted…   Jackson