From Cusco to Lima with a Journey to Machu Picchu!!!

From Cusco to Lima with a Journey to Machu Picchu!!!

Jun 11

Hey guys! So we’ve spent the last three weeks at Casa De Milagros in La May, Peru.   Casa De Milagro is a home that was started by Mama Kia, a woman from the U.S. who came to Peru to save orphans from the streets of Cusco.  There are 25 kids living there now and it’s run by one of the first kids that came to the Casa, Michael.

The Casa is a big, historic house in the middle of The Sacred Valley with a view of the river in the front and a beautiful cliff with a waterfall in the back.  It’s a half hour walk into the nearest town and about the same by car to the school that the kids go to.

The youngest one there, a little girl named Soledad is five and the oldest, Michael is twenty.  There are twenty five kids, two dogs, and a cat living at the Casa.  While we were staying there we got to do lots of stuff with the kids:  play games, watch movies, break two piñatas, go to the local pool and go on hikes.





One day while the kids were away at school my dad and I hiked up to the Inca ruins at the top of the mountain behind the Casa.  On the way up, we had to hike through bushes, and then climb up a steep path to the top.  The elevation is extremely high in this part of Peru, and breathing in really tough.  The hike took us seven hours.  We saw the Inca ruins, a sort of mini Machu Picchu.  Then we headed back down to the Casa.

Our stay at the Casa was nothing short of amazing and I’m going to miss the kids there so much!





We took a train and a bus further into the Valley and actually visited Machu Picchu.  We spent the day there walking around in amazement.  It’s so beautiful and it’s shocking that the Incas were able to build this city without modern tools.  They had to move gigantic boulders, create sundials, and a very advanced water system.

It was all so amazing, until the last ten minutes of our visit, when I fell right off some very step stairs right onto a big chunk of Inca stone.  The Incas weren’t big on handrails.  I luckily didn’t get too hurt.







Afterwards, we returned to the Casa and spent one last night before saying good-bye.   We spent a couple of days in Cusco, where we saw a beautiful show of traditional Peruvian dance with Mama Jenny from the Casa.  We also went to see the Cusco Planetarium where we saw close up views of the Southern Cross and Saturn!

Then we flew to Lima where we enjoyed being at sea level and saw this very cool city.  We got a 2am flight through Columbia to Panama City.  Now we are staying outside the city for a couple of days to check out the Panama Canal and prepare for Haiti.  I’m sad that our year is almost over but I’m really glad to be on the way home.  I write again soon.